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Online delivery platform

We can manage your delivery operations for you

Your products and inventories are located in urban center? You own or use an online platform to receive orders? You already offer click&collect services? Then we can help you deliver goods and food in record time to your clients.

We offer innovative solutions for quick and reliable deliveries, while employing all our drivers.

We operate your delivery fleet and give you access to last minute on-demand drivers to enable you to focus on your core offering.

Our mission is to allow you to have profitable delivery operations while offering good working conditions to all our employees.

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Who are the

Chaskis ?

Chaskis were messengers in the Inca Empire. They used to transport and deliver packages and messages through the empire under the protection of the Emperor. Equipped with a Qipi (bag), a Poutoutou (trumpet) and a Quipou (cord system for coded messages), they browsed through the Empire in relays to reach their destination.

With modern tools, our Chaskis pace the city to deliver your letters, meals and packages in a record time.

Nos services

Our services


We onboard dedicated couriers in accordance with your delivery needs and take care of their schedules and salaries. Our quality management process allows us to increase the performance and profitability of your operations.


Whether you need one package delivered in a week or want to do a delivery round this afternoon, you can count on us. All our employees are trained and come equipped with the right work material (uniform, apps, vehicle…).


Become a courier !

Chaskis offers:

  • A fixed work contract and salary

  • A yearly planning

  • Extra shifts for additional revenues

  • Reimbursement of all professional expenses

  • Fully paid customer tips

  • Initial training

  • Performance bonuses

  • In line with the Urban Courier collective convention


Chaskis in numbers

Vous êtes chauffeur VTC ou souhaitez le devenir? Contactez-nous pour postuler!

Chaskis propose:

  • Un contrat à durée indéterminée (CDI)

  • Beaucoup de flexibilité dans le choix des horaires de travail

  • Un salaire horaire fixe

  • Un remboursement des frais professionnels

  • Des bonus de performance

  • Un accès facilité aux formations initiales

Contact us

Thank you for your message!

Don't hesitate to contact us

69 rue des Vollandes

1207 Geneva


53 calle Tapioles

08004 Barcelona


+41 22 700 01 27

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